The First Emperor: The Terracotta Army – British Museum

October 24th, 2007


I was invited to a corporate reception on Tuesday night at the British Museum. I had watched a few TV shows about this and it looked fantastic so I was very keen to see it. As ever BP put on a good show, champagne extremely tastey chinese style food.

¬†There are still about 6000 of these warriors still under the ground which is pretty interesting in its self, they are almost like a kind of resurrection and look so much better in terracotta rather than painted , which they origionally were (probably with high lead content paint which Matel still use) , but painted sculpture looks kitche so they look even better now. Reminded me very much of Anthony Gormley pieces when I saw them , all standing , looking at the viewer in the same direction, excellent. I loved their footwear too, I don’t know if the Chinese do the same as the Japanese -(slippers on when you enter the house-what a good idea) but I find eastern footwear most interesting. It was also a beautifully contextualised exhibition, real care had been taken over that.

While I was in London I had a meeting¬†about my commission as part of winning te BP Award last year at the NPG and some pretty interesting names came up but unfortunately I can’t say anything about that, probably until the portrait is about to be unveiled.

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