SOLO EXHIBITION – NEW ART GALLERY, WALSALL – (galleries 2,3 and 4) – 25th May to 2nd September 2018. Private View Thursday 24th May 6-8pm


February 2nd, 2018







I’m showing some work in a new exhibition at the Collyer Bristow Gallery , London. It ‘s a survey of contemporary portraiture and has been curated by Kathleen Soriano, formerly head of Exhibitions at the Royal Academy and the National Portrait Gallery.

It runs from 16th June to the 14th October 2016

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Instagram: Kathleen.Soriano / collyer_bristow_gallery

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June 8th, 2016


I started a new series of paintings and drawings back in January for future shows in the UK and Belgium in mid and late 2018. I can’t post many of the pictures because obviously there has to be an element of “reveal” at the exhibitions but I thought I would post this first painting.
It’s a portrait of a great guy called Max who didn’t know me from Adam when we first met but was open minded and trusting enough to pose for a series of nude and clothed studies so thanks for embracing the project Max, you were brilliant. I wanted to jump up a gear in scale because it’s a large museum show so it’s a big painting at 6′ x 5′ and I found the shift in scale very enjoyable. I made this painting in monochrome because I wanted to keep it simple, raw and broken down to the bare essentials. I wanted to represent the intensity and physical presence of Max with no distractions in the composition. Here are some photographs charting the progress.DSC03213-original-b2 DSC03107-head-e-mail DSC03104-e-mail DSC_0716 DSC03048-bb-e-mail

April 24th, 2016

NEW SOLO EXHIBITION – The New Art Gallery, Walsall and Roberto Polo Gallery, Brussels

I will be having a new solo exhibition scheduled for mid 2018. It will initially be staged at The New Art Gallery, Walsall for approximately 3 months and then it will tour to The Roberto Polo Gallery in Brussels.

It seems like quite a long way off but they are both huge spaces so I’ll be working flat out from later this year until the opening…and I can’t wait.

There will be a mixture of old work and new but predominantly it will be new work. It will  be a collection of figurative paintings and drawings and will all be based around portraiture, though all the sitters will be my own choice. I’ve been thinking about the project for over 9 months, largely while I’ve been walking my dog, washing up, in the shower, in the studio, wherever an idea strikes and I’ve been keeping very detailed notes in sketchbooks. I’m currently approaching people to sit for me and I’ve already have a few sittings which have gone extremely well.

Back to the drawing board…



August 9th, 2015


Currently enjoying some American TV shows.  Our current favourites are  “Louis” featuring Louis C.K which is brilliant and “Parks and Recreation” with the excellent Ron Swanson.




April 8th, 2015


I had a sitting with Noddy Holder last Friday which was fantastic. Some of you know I’m a huge music fan and it was great to chat about the music from that period during the sitting and he was totally down to earth as you would expect.

April 8th, 2015



April 8th, 2015


I’m showing with a new gallery , The Roberto Polo Gallery in Brussels. I’ll be having a show there in a few years time, no fixed date yet,  lots of new work and this show will also tour to a public gallery in the UK. It’s in the beautiful Old Quarter of Brussels near The Grand Place. Here’s a shot of the current show there by the acclaimed artist Jan Vanriet .



03 04_2916

April 8th, 2015


The Palace of Westminster contacted me to do a portrait of Lord Carrington which I worked on for quite a sizeable portion of last year. It’s set in his manor house in Buckinghamshire and I liked the atmospheric lighting of the space, it’s proportions and link to his ancestry. It was unveiled in February at the House of Lords and it seemed to go down very well. One Lord came up and complimented me and said his son ran an art gallery in a very matter of fact way, as if it was a small Cornish gallery in Penzance…”Yes, it’s called White Cube, have you heard of it ?” Said Lord Jopling.

I’ve also added a drawing of Lord Carrington which I made before I started the painting.

The Parliamentary Arts Committee also commissioned 4 films to accompany the portrait which explain it in much more detail and these are listed below.



April 8th, 2015

Director Leaves

A few weeks ago now I went to Sandy Nairne’s leaving event at the National Portrait Gallery. There  was a huge turn out of the great and the good in the art world which is testament to the fact that he’s been  such a great and effective Director at the Gallery. A great night.02 23_285902 23_2860

April 8th, 2015

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