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Talks about my work at the National portrait gallery- 2009.


I will be doing a series of  3 talks about my work at the National Portrait Gallery next year in their excellent lecture theatre. They are scheduled for 15th, 16th, and 17th June 2009 in the morning of each day and will coincide with the opening of next years BP Portrait Awards.
The talks will focus upon all of the portraiture works that I have done from 1991 to present day. It will largely be in sequence from my early work in 1991 when I was working on my MA project and I will explain my thoughts, reasons  and techniques behind each of the portraits. I will be discussing paintings and  drawings and showing sequences depicting the build up/progress  of a selection of my paintings. I would imagine that the talks will last around one and a half hours and are primarily aimed at school groups but I’m sure that they wouldn’t mind small individual groups attending too.

If you would like to know any more about these 3 events please contact Tanja Gangar, (Learning Manager at the NPG) on;

August 10th, 2008

Free Palette Skins


It seems a strange thing to give away but if anybody would like one of my palette skins which build up on my palette’s while I am painting then you are welcome. I was peeling some off my  palettes and  throwing them  away the other day and somebody asked if they could have one –” Stick it in a frame and it’s as good as a Howard Hodgkin ”  They are  acrylic so they hold the perfect shape of my palette. While I paint I also have a sheet of A4 paper taped to the canvas onto which I drag out the excess paint before I apply it to the canvas. I don’t know but if anybody would like one of these too you are welcome, they’ll only end up in the bin.

I’ve got about 4 “Skins” at the moment and it’s strictly first come first served so drop me a line ( marked “palette skins”) if you want one. (UK only I’m afraid)

March 15th, 2008


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