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Portrait of Lord Chief Justice Woolf – (acrylic on canvas)


November 20th, 2006

Portrait of Lord Chief Justice Woolf unveiled


My portrait of Lord Chief Justice Woolf was unveiled at a dinner at the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple in London on 15th November 2006. The Inner Temple is like walking back in time to the 15th century. The dinner was held in a grand hall straight out of Harry Potter with wooden walls and shields on the wall and everybody that I spoke to had perfect elecution, manners and etiquette. Anne and myself felt a bit like fish out of water at the start but everyone was so nice to us we just had a great time. The portrait seemed to go down well. The brief was to be more informal and relaxed than most of the other portraits in the temple which is why it was set at Lord Woolfs home rather than in robes in the Temple.  It took me about 5 months to paint and is the result of 5 sittings . It is painted in acrylis and will soon be framed. Look out for an article on the portrait in the December edition of Artists and Illustrators magazine.(see the above image for a close up)

November 20th, 2006

BP Portrait Award 2006 (tour)


The BP Portrait Award has now finished in London at the National Portrait Gallery and it travels to Aberdeen Art Gallery. This show opens on Friday 25th November and continues through to the 3rd February 2007. It then moves on to The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol from 31st March where it closes on 20th May 2007.

November 5th, 2006

Solo show at The Andreeva Gallery, Santa Fe, December 2006


The Andreeva Gallery in Santa Fe are staging an exhibition of my recent portraits and a few American landscapes. The Exhibition opens on Friday 1st December and goes on until 16th December 2006. The Magazine “American Art Collector” are also doing a large article in their December edition to coincide with the exhibition.

For more information about the exhibition please contact-


November 5th, 2006

Solo show at The New Art Gallery, Walsall 2007


I am currently working on new work for a solo show at The New Art Gallery, Walsall which will focus on Kitty Godley, (The lady featured in the triptych which won this years BP Portrait Award at the NPG). I am doing a series of drawings, paintings and etchings based upon Kitty and little interior studies within her house together with a portrait of her which directly mirrors her portrait by Lucian Freud which is in the galleries collection and will be displayed within my show. For those of you who didn’t make it to London to see the BP Portrait Awards my triptych will also be on display as part of the exhibition. It opens on Friday 25th May 2007 and if anybody would like tickets to the opening please leave a message on my site.

November 5th, 2006

Recent book publications featuring my work.


National Portrait Gallery Publications have released 2 books this year (2006) featuring my work. The first is called “The Portrait Now” by Nairne/Howgate and is a survey of contemporary portraiture featuring painting, photography, sculpture and film. IBSM 10:1 85514 358 5

The second is the catalogue which illustrates this years BP Portrait Award – BP Portrait Award 2006 (essay by Margaret Forster) NPG Publications – IBSN 1-85514-373-9

November 5th, 2006

Hockney at the National Portrait Gallery.


Anne and myself went to the opening of the David Hockney exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery last week. It was a wonderful boozy do with lots of celebrities. Great exhibition, most of his figurative big hitters are there including percy the cat and Hockney’s parents but for me it reconfirmed that I like his drawings and draughtsmanship best of all. Even the drawings in pencil crayon are quite exceptional, if a little 80’s looking now, a medium that I would never think of using in a thousand years. It takes up the whole of the ground floor so it’s a big show in every sense and well worth seeing.

November 5th, 2006


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