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The last leg of the BP, The Royal West of England Academy 24th March 2007, Bristol.


The final stage of the BP portrait award was exhibited in Bristol for the private view on 24th March 2007 – open to the public until the 20th May 2007. What a splendid venue, a beautiful Victorian gallery. The excellent space shows off the works to their best. The lighting was wonderful, cascading down from huge skylights in this fitting venue. I took my mum down to the opening, and we lunched like kings! The photograph doesn’t do justice to the space but it does give an impression. Another great day! (sorry about the wedding anniversary Anne).


March 26th, 2007

Unveiling at Mansion House 22nd March 2007, London


Well, how Lovely! It was definitely worth buying the dinner jacket. I was commissioned to paint a posthumous portrait of Judge Michael Hyam the chief recorder by the Old Bailey. Unfortunately Judge Hyam died suddenly some years before so all the conversions, and meetings I would normally have with the sitter were not possible. I used a sole photograph to work from and used the current recorder to assist with the staging of the official dress – which was very helpful. Anne (my wife) and I were asked to dinner where they chose to unveil the portrait. The venue was extremely grand at Masion House the Lord Major and the Lady Mayoress official residence. We were in good company, the masters, prime wardens and upper bailiff of the livery companies of the city of London. It was like a walk back in time with men in armour to greet us and an orchestra playing chamber music in the background.  The picture depicts the late Judge Michael Hyam, to the left Mrs Diana Hyam and her son Mr Ben Hyam with of course myself in the fore ground. 

March 26th, 2007


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