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Countdown to my show at The New Art Gallery,Walsall (25/5/07)


  It’ just under a month now until my Walsall show opens. It will be based around Kitty Godley, the subjet of the triptych which won last years BP Portrait Award at the NPG. There will be a selection of paintings drawings and etchings at the show, including the triptych.

  I think the invitations will be sent out next week (from 30th April), if anybody out there would like me to send you a invitation to the show let me have your address and we’ll send one along.

  I’m still working on the last two images before framing but hopefully all will go to plan.

  Back to the drawing board.

April 29th, 2007

Etchings at the Walsall Show


I haven’t done any etchings since I was on my foundation course around 18 years ago but I had ben thinking for a long time that it would be something I would love to try again. I got some copper and needles and got to it. I had read up on it quite a lot and had decided that I’d try drypoint first , mainly because there is no acid involved.  I have never felt so unsure about what I was doing. even though I was working inpositive ( like pencil on white paper), the etched bit still comes out lighter than the actual copper surface so it actually feels like I’m still working in negative and I really had no idea how it was working tonally and which lines would actually print, were some too light.

  I did a talk at Halesowen colege in the Black Country a few weeks ago and noticed some etching presses and asked the question. Luckily Hilary Wells was there , a printmaking graduate from the RCA, who gave m some fantastic tips. The upshot was that after 18 years I was amazed by the results. I’m not saying they are fantastic by any means but they were so exciting and rewarding to print, they came out so much better than I had hoped and I can see nothing but possibilities for the future. It’s so liberating to see images suddenly appear infront of your eyes when I am used to taking months and months for a painting to materialise.

 My friend Alexander had been encouraging me for some time to do some etchings  and I think he gave me the final push. I had been looking at a catalogue from Sotheby’s for a Rembrandt etching sale that he gave me and just thought “no way” . Anyway it’s been a great step forward for me and a great experience.

Amongst the drawings and paintings at the show at The New Art Gallery, Walsall, I’ll be showing 4 of the etchings that I made and here is a taster.

April 29th, 2007


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