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“The Curious Case of the Levitating, Tattooed Man”. – Acrylic on Canvas -“48″ x 33″


I met Ray a few years ago and admired his full body tattoo from neck to ankle in a japanes style. I invited him over to my studio for the day and took a series of shots. We decided to do the whole shoot with Ray naked , which kind of made sense. Anne had been out for the morning and forgot Ray was coming over and barged into the studio with Max, our dog.  Ray was in a curled up foetus position and Max went straight over to inspect Ray’s bum. Quite an entrance.  It was a great shoot though, we must have done about 18 different compositions and this is the first painting that I have done from the sitting. I liked the idea that he was levitating because it was such a calm, contemplative pose and I just imagined Ray in a Zen like trance, gently rising up just a few inches off the ground.

  This will be in the exhibition in London during March ( together with other new pieces and some previous work) with the excellent artists Philip Harris and Simon Hennessey.

 I’ll be completing my portrait drawing of Andy Hamilton CBE very soon so I’ll post that next week.

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February 19th, 2011

The creeping up of a great album.


I’ve been working on a drawing of the Birmingham based Jazz musician Andy Hamilton CBE over the past few weeks for an up coming exhibition in London in March. He wore a very bold pin striped suit for the sitting which looked fantastic and I wouldn’t have asked for anything more perfect, but the act of drawing the textile was incredibly tedious and repetitious and felt a bit like doing lines at school for 4 days. So , whileI was doing this I was plaing some music and I played this one by Midlake which I asked Anne to get me at hristmas because I loved the single off it “Roscoe” . To be honest I played it twice and it just washed over me really. But, I’ve been playing it again lately while I’ve been “doing my lines” and it’s crept up on me as a bit of a classic.  Sounds a bit like Baffalo Springfield and classic , early 70’s Neil Young with a bit of Rufus Weinright. Sometimes you just need to giv things a bit of time to ferment.

February 19th, 2011



 I went to see C.W.Stoneking last weekend in Birmingham with Mike, my brother in law. What a great gig, he’s not too famous yet but I’ve been listening to him for the past 18 months or so and he’s great. A kind of fusion of delta blues from the 1920’s , New Orleans Jazz with a sprinkling of Tom Waits , and the strange thing is he’s Australian but it’s a great gumgo of sound.

February 19th, 2011


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